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“PASTIS”: Back to the roots of French cuisine

Pastis TeamAfter months of heavy renovations, a small French revolution is happening in Wedding: A new restaurant has arrived, and its name, PASTIS, is not the only thing that refers to the art of living on France. “We want to go back to the good, simple recipes”, says Vincent Garcia. The 47-year old chef, who was born in Marseille, believes that the haute cuisine has gotten too far away from the roots of the French art of cooking. The menu at PASTIS, however, is based around the dishes you can find in a traditional Bistro. Weiterlesen

Nussbreite – the new ‘living room bar’ in Wedding

DSC_0714In the last months, several new bars such as FLOP or Fredericks have contributed to the cultural programme in the African quarter. In October, a new bar, ‘Nussbreite’ has opened its doors at Seestraße 106. The former Korean restaurant ARIRANG has been turned into a cosy ‘living room’ bar. Weiterlesen

Family Centre Osloer Straße: colourful and lively from the start

What is a family centre? Dorothee Fischer can’t answer this question completely either. Generally speaking, a family centre is a spot for families offering counselling, activities and courses. Each family centre, funded by the Berlin Senate, is very individual, though. Dorothee Fischer contributes to this mix now – she is running the family centre at Osloer Straße (at Fabrik Osloer Straße), which was opened officially during the autumn break. Weiterlesen

“Stranero”: Wedding tastes like Italy

Stranero pizzeriaMen, staring into an oven – or, more precisely, at a pizza. It’s a special moment, though: The first pizza produced by ‘Stranero’.
Alejandro Pérez from Venezuela and Miguel Perra from Italy have been working together for years as pizza bakers and barkeepers. “Within the last years, Wedding has become more and more interesting for us”, says Alejandro. They couldn’t find a pizza place which meets their expectations, though. “So we decided to do it ourselves!”, he says. At Liebenwalder Straße 11, in one of the nicest Kiezes with classical old buildings in wedding, they found an empty restaurant. Weiterlesen

„Na servas!“ Strudel Dreams in Sprengelkiez

strudelkaIf they want an Apfelschorle, they order an “Apfelsaft gspritzt” (“sprayed apple juice”) – Berliners are often confused by Austrians. In one regard, they speak the same language, though: Whenever it relates to food. Austrian food tastes like ski holidays, cosiness… and a digestive Schnaps. Weiterlesen

FLOP bar turns one year – the usual and the unusual

Flop 3One can’t imagine the African quarter – which isn’t necessarily known for its nightlife – without its FLOP bar. Bakri, the owner of FLOP, opens the place every day and at most nights offers music, concerts, film screenings or some other type of cultural program. The main reason why Bakri, who was born in Syria, decided to open his bar at Lüderitzstraße was that he wanted to enable people to have a beer in nice atmosphere without having to travel. A second reason is Bakris profession: He is a musician, a trained Kanoun player who knows the zither-like instrument by heart. Weiterlesen