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“Na servas!” Strudel Dreams in Sprengelkiez

strudelkaIf they want an Apfelschorle, they order an “Apfelsaft gspritzt” (“sprayed apple juice”) – Berliners are often confused by Austrians. In one regard, they speak the same language, though: Whenever it relates to food. Austrian food tastes like ski holidays, cosiness… and a digestive Schnaps. Weiterlesen

FLOP bar turns one year – the usual and the unusual

Flop 3One can’t imagine the African quarter – which isn’t necessarily known for its nightlife – without its FLOP bar. Bakri, the owner of FLOP, opens the place every day and at most nights offers music, concerts, film screenings or some other type of cultural program. The main reason why Bakri, who was born in Syria, decided to open his bar at Lüderitzstraße was that he wanted to enable people to have a beer in nice atmosphere without having to travel. A second reason is Bakris profession: He is a musician, a trained Kanoun player who knows the zither-like instrument by heart. Weiterlesen

These soups are social

superSuppeIt’s about soups. And its about ideas. And it’s about money, too. Graphics designer Franziska Loh invites to try a soup at Supermarkt (Brunnenstraße 64) on the October 12. It is special soup, though: Weddingers from various cultural backgrounds cook and spce the soups with spices from their home. If you want to try one of the special soups on October 12 between 4 and 7 pm, you pay 3€. The money then goes into various projects and everyone is happy and satisfied – that is the easy concept behind ‘Super Suppe’ (or ‘Great Soup’).


Hang on, it’s not that easy – the soups are social, too. “The idea is that people can turn their ideas into reality and through that help themselves”, Franziska explains. Also, the contacts between neighbours can be strengthened in this ideas competition.


Ideas competition? Yes – while you’re eating your soup, various projects are being presented. “Project ideas which are beneficial for Wedding can be handed in at ‘Super Suppe’”, Franziska says. These ideas have to be submitted by October 5th. On October 1st, an ideas workshop is happening at WirGestalten e.V. at Müllerstr. 14a. If you’ve got a potential idea or project, this is your place to go.


Afterwards, it’s all just cooking and eating – and in the end it’s about money: After all competitors have introduced their ideas, the winner will be decided in a democratic election. This project then receives all earnings of ‘Super Suppe’.

Translation: Daniela Hombach